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What's BioVision

The place to present, debate and discover Life Sciences solutions,
to meet Life Sciences’ global leaders
and to exchange resources.

Life Sciences to change our world

Humanity’s formidable challenges need sound solutions. Challenges that affect life itself are the most pressing. People need health. Societies need stability. Our biosphere needs sustainability. Solving these challenges requires genuine dialogue followed by committed action. More than ever, our leaders must engage in purposeful discussion, notably with the broad scientific community. Simultaneously, the scientific community must keep its pulse on society.

BioVision is a forum for those who aim to shape society with Life as their guiding principle. Every two years, under the auspices of the Fondation Scientifique de Lyon, leading global thinkers from the wide range of pure and applied scientific disciplines gather with industry decisionmakers, government policymakers and civil society advocates; all parties present, listen to or argue solutions that reconcile our desire to develop with an urgent need to rationalise. In essence, BioVision is an indispensable bridge between society and science.

Since 1999, BioVision attracts thousands of dedicated sages from all over the globe. Nobel Prize Laureates, Presidents, deans of academia, renowned researchers, CEOs, United Nations officials and NGO delegates gather for this unique occasion to discuss the utilitarian side of the global agenda. They attend BioVision hoping to transform empirical thinking into grassroots benefits.

This focus is precisely what makes this forum attractive to the broader public. In an era where too much time is wasted on claims and counter claims, the BioVision commitment to solutions is both appealing and stimulating.

BioVision, we encourage science to focus on society and enable society to stay in tune with science.

In the heart of Lyon

BioVision takes place in the heart of Lyon, a French city and region with a pioneering tradition in Life Sciences research and industry. BioVision is a forum for those who want to shape our future in a scientifically responsible way.
In 2009, BioVision will pursue its commitment to dialogue by introducing innovative discussion formats.
Identifying a problem is important, finding its solution is critical. BioVision focuses on the latter.

The World Life Sciences goes Online Print E-mail

BioVision Solutions



Everyone interested in Life Sciences, worldwide, can now find and post Life Sciences solutions on BioVisionSolutions.org, a unique collaborative website launched today by the World Life Sciences Forum.

The role of the online platform is to emphasize the importance of solutions to today’s growing crises. Top level scientists, renowned policymakers and decisionmakers, media, civil society representatives and interested citizens will find and post solutions on the website, and engage in a discussion of these solutions.

Using a dynamic animated tag cloud-based navigation header, visitors are invited to discover the different issues and to debate Life Sciences. Pollution, climate change, biodiversity, GMOs, water supply and sanitation, biofuels production, waste management, brain imaging, urban epidemics, biorobotics... are some of the life critical issues addressed.

Humanity’s formidable challenges need real world solutions. With the launch of its online Life Sciences Solutions Finder, the World Life Sciences Forum reinforces its commitment to encourage science to focus on society and to enable society to stay in tune with science. BioVision invites all those interested in Life Sciences to make a difference by posting their solutions.

Find and post innovative Life Sciences solutions on www.BioVisionSolutions.org.


Last Updated ( 04-01-2009 )
Media Advisory Print E-mail

BioVision Media Advisory
 BioVision, The World Life Sciences Forum, announces its sixth edition to take place 8-11 March 2009 at the Lyon Convention Centre, France : the quest for solutions continues!
Last Updated ( 04-01-2009 )
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